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The Whale Savers

A decades-long quest to save the north Atlantic right whale is helping revive a species that is a bellwether of the health of the oceans.

The Dogged Determination of Jim Gordon

For 13 years Jim Gordon has fought and scraped against powerful foes to set 130 turbines in the waters off Cape Cod. He's certain success is right around the corner.

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Will Atlantic Ocean Oil Prospecting Silence Endangered Right Whales?

National Geographic Daily News Companies have been cleared to seek seismic noise permits in the Atlantic, but ocean researchers fear for whales. A North Atlantic right whale mother and calf …

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The Un-damming of America

Cover Story Setting rivers free: As dams are torn down, nature is quickly recovering With the removal of many dams, conservationists are seeing the return of the natural bounty that …

Tropical Fish Cause Trouble as Climate Change Drives Them Toward the Poles

Marine ecologist Adriana Verg├ęs emerged from a scuba dive in Tosa Bay off the coast of southern Japan last week and was amazed at what she'd seen: A once lush kelp forest had been stripped bare and replaced by coral.

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How Newsweek’s ‘global cooling’ got legs

Evidence that the planet is cooling has been a staple of climate denial. Except the evidence is four decades old. Here's the journalist who wrote about "global cooling"-- and has been dogged by the story ever since.

The Real Reason We’re Hovering Parents

Child-rearing guides are clucking about "snowplow parents." The Boston Globe chronicled the phenomenon of moms and dads still hovering over their children, "leaving their college-age kids anxious, depressed, and ill-equipped to deal with matters both small and large." But they've got it wrong.

Struck at work

Doug Struck has been a journalist for more than 30 years as a national roving reporter, foreign bureau chief, war correspondent and an environmental reporter for The Washington Post and The Baltimore Sun. He has reported from six continents and 50 states. He is now associate journalism department chairman and senior journalist in residence at Emerson College in Boston, where he teaches and continues to report on environmental issues.

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