Sharks are the fiercest creatures of the sea, but that has not prevented them from steadily disappearing from overfishing. Pew is working around the globe to preserve these predators, who are essential to healthy oceans.
By Doug Struck | Photograph by Jim AbernethyShark Cover Story

The shark came, a shadow from the depths. It circled scuba diver Chang Chin with slow, sinuous purpose. In a moment, two, three, then four of the powerful predators, each weighing hundreds of pounds, were circling closer and closer to Chin as he worked on the deck of a sunken old freighter 40 feet underwater. Eight other scuba divers, arrayed along the ship’s barnacled railing, watched as if romans at the colosseum. Chin opened a homemade metal box and withdrew a grouper carcass on a prong. In an instant, the sharks barreled …. Summer 2011 Trust Magazine

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Struck at work

Doug Struck has been a journalist for 35 years. He was a national roving reporter, foreign bureau chief, war correspondent and an environmental reporter for The Washington Post and The Baltimore Sun. He has reported from six continents and 50 states. He is now senior journalist in residence at Emerson College in Boston, where he teaches and continues to report on environmental issues.

He earned a master's degree in Environmental Sustainability in 2015 from Harvard Extension School.

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